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I just saw some threads about kde on windows. - A very long and nice thread about the pro's and con's. I personally like the following statements: 

an anonymous writer 
b) Trying to insist users only use KDE on Linux/FreeBSD is turning a deaf ear to what users want, and we know how well that strategy has worked for Microsoft so far. If people want KDE on Windows, but they can't get KDE on Windows, they'll go back to using native Windows, and KDE will either end up only being used by Linux users, or it will become irrelevant. 

Andreas Trawöger said... 
 And now please tell me how would your Open Source Migration Strategy look like?

A simple switch from IE to Firefox is complicated enough, because every Ecommerce Site we use would have to be tested. Migrating to OpenOffice would be another major undertaking. Replacing Lotus Notes with something else isn't simple too. Testing all our old 16 Bit Win 3.11 Application with Wine also need it's time.

Everything of this could be done, no doubt about that. But do you really think it's going to help OpenSource on the Desktop if you have to do every of this steps at once instead of doing one step after the other?

 Rube said
 Open Source on Windows is a necessary step in levelling the playing field. Once people are used to seeing applications other than those from Microsoft, they just may take a look at a Lindows computer and say, "What? It runs Firefox? And OpenOffice? And Maya? And Doom 3? I'll take it!" 

Otto d.O. said... 
> And the key here is the resources that are expended by open
> source projects in porting to and supporting windows.
I beg to differ. I don't think Windows ports are made by Linux developers who desert their favourite OS because they want to help MS. They are made by developers who want to or have to work on Windows. For that reason, I think that Windows ports add resources to those projects; they don't take away resources from
free operating systems.

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