Qt3/Win Free: qtoolbar problem?

Angus Leeming leeming at lyx.org
Wed Jan 19 10:27:01 CET 2005

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

>> Thanks for the reply, Christian. I've just had a look at the kde-cygwin
>> bug
>> tracker.
>> I see 1060189 Unsufficient padding around toolbar buttons.
>> Submitted By: Christopher January - atomice
>> But nothing that appears to fit my report.
>> Would you like me to add it (and the other, qpixmapbutton report) to the
>> bug tracker so that you don't lose sight of them?
> This would be good since I'm not very familiar with graphics and text
> output (and so the chance is low that I can fix this) and Christopher
> seems to be busy.

This is now bug 1105110: Disabled toolbar buttons


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