Qt3/Win Free: qtoolbar problem?

Angus Leeming leeming at lyx.org
Wed Jan 19 09:53:35 CET 2005

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

>> Does not display the icon of the disabled button at all on Windows. On
>> linux, the pixmap is greyed out so that its outline is still visible.
>> Attached are (small) screenshots showing the behaviour on Windows and on
>> linux Also attached is the demo program which I compiled with
>> $ g++ -Iqt3/include -o trial2 trial2.C Lqt3/lib -lqt-mt
>> I hope that's enough to get to the bottom of this problem too.
>> Kind regards,
>> Angus
> This problem is known (and it is a bug). Afaik Christopher January was
> working on this but I don't know what he found out.

Thanks for the reply, Christian. I've just had a look at the kde-cygwin bug

I see 1060189 Unsufficient padding around toolbar buttons.
Submitted By: Christopher January - atomice

But nothing that appears to fit my report.

Would you like me to add it (and the other, qpixmapbutton report) to the
bug tracker so that you don't lose sight of them?


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