Qmake problem

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Fri Jan 7 18:48:54 CET 2005

> Chris January schrieb:
> | Can someone more familiar with qmake than me fix it so that
> applications are
> | linked against qt-mt333.lib instead of qt-mt.lib? Or 
> perhaps it is my 
> | mistake?
> What's the problem linking against qt-mt333.lib? Where do you 
> get qt-mt.lib from? When I link qt-mt333.dll, qt-mt333.lib is created.

When I compile Qt/Win Free using MSVC.NET it generates qt-mt333.lib and
qt-mt333.dll. If I think run qmake on psi (the open-source jabber client),
it will generate Makefiles that attempt to link against qt-mt.lib


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