qtwin32-binary package question

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Wed Jan 5 22:29:46 CET 2005

> Hi all, 
> currently I have tried to create a prelimary qtwin32 msvc 
> binary package using 
> the iss setup compiler. (The related config file 
> misc/setup/setup-bin-msvc.iss is 
> updated in cvs) for which I have some question: 
> 1. Is the port in a state that a binary release would make sense ? 

It would be good to fix the bug on Windows 95/98/Me that causes the
rendering to screw up. It appears to be a GDI resource leak similar to the
one that was already found.

> 2. I have compiled the library with Visual Studio Net. Does 
> anyone know, if 
> this will work also with Visual Studio ++ 6.0 ?

I don't think it will - but I have VC++ 6 at work so I can compile a version

> 3 The setup has currently the problem, that config pathes 
> (qtconfig.cpp,.qmake.cache) points to the build dir. It could 
> be set with 
> configure.bat -prefix, but this seems to me a stupid 
> solution, because for 
> every release and every compiler a new configure is required. 
> I'm thinking to 
> place for example a QTDIR key in the registry or something 
> like a setup 
> postinstall tool. Any ideas ? 

Add QTDIR to the system environment variables -- that's what Trolltech's
version does.

> 4. Is anyone there, who will create and upload the real 
> binary package ? I can 
> perform a msvc.net based setup for the recent release, but 
> cannot say yet if 
> this will be possible in the future.

I've used Inno setup and have Borland, MSVC .NET and GNU C++ compilers on my
home machine and MSVC++ 6 at work so I should be able to make binary
releases for eack of these compilers.

> 5. We discussed the naming scheme. Because the binary 
> packages are compiler 
> specific, we have to add a compiler shortcut. The name of the 
> installer 
> package would be setup-qt-win-free-msvc.net-3.3.3-0.exe or 
> setup-qt-win-free-msvc-3.3.3-0.exe if issue 2 is answered with yes.

Those names look fine.


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