qtwin32-binary package question

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Wed Jan 5 20:17:07 CET 2005

Hi all, 

currently I have tried to create a prelimary qtwin32 msvc binary package using 
the iss setup compiler. (The related config file 
misc/setup/setup-bin-msvc.iss is 
updated in cvs) for which I have some question: 

1. Is the port in a state that a binary release would make sense ? 

2. I have compiled the library with Visual Studio Net. Does anyone know, if 
this will work also with Visual Studio ++ 6.0 ?

3 The setup has currently the problem, that config pathes 
(qtconfig.cpp,.qmake.cache) points to the build dir. It could be set with 
configure.bat -prefix, but this seems to me a stupid solution, because for 
every release and every compiler a new configure is required. I'm thinking to 
place for example a QTDIR key in the registry or something like a setup 
postinstall tool. Any ideas ? 

4. Is anyone there, who will create and upload the real binary package ? I can 
perform a msvc.net based setup for the recent release, but cannot say yet if 
this will be possible in the future. 

5. We discussed the naming scheme. Because the binary packages are compiler 
specific, we have to add a compiler shortcut. The name of the installer 
package would be setup-qt-win-free-msvc.net-3.3.3-0.exe or 
setup-qt-win-free-msvc-3.3.3-0.exe if issue 2 is answered with yes.


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