Some small font problems

Chris January chris at
Thu Sep 30 21:51:50 CEST 2004

> Text rendering is looking pretty good now! Menus seem to be 
> rendered fine as is most text. However some text is still 
> exhibiting problems (see attached
> file!) This is from examples/demo. Also try typing a number 
> (e.g. 999) in the spinbox in examples/demo and then 
> highlighting the text - the numbers disappear and get 
> replaced with vertical bars.
> Sometimes the text is displayed correctly and sometimes it 
> isn't. For example when the window is repainted after a 
> resize or being uncovered it will be drawn correctly but if 
> you then click on the control it will be drawn incorrectly again.

Ok - fixed it myself. The font wasn't being set in QFontEngineWin::draw -
but it is now. Now if only I could find out where all the radio buttons and
checkboxes are hiding...


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