Font engine fixes

Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at
Wed Sep 29 14:56:13 CEST 2004

Chris January wrote:
> I've made some changes to the font engine so that menus are now displayed
> correctly. Hopefully Peter, if you're around, you can bring yourself up to
> speed with my changes. I fixed QFontEngine::boundingBox which was broken and
> also made QFontEngine::draw call p->map on the x and y coordinates first so
> that they are translated correctly. T14 should work now (not tested). The
> menus in examples/demo show correctly now. (examples/demo is a good general
> test program)

new font patches:
1. right to left scripts (see fontdemo)
2. no qlasterrors (tested: fontdemo, demo, t14)


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