[PATCH] qsettings_win - registry support

Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at coffeelogic.de
Thu Sep 23 15:03:03 CEST 2004

Here a very small patch to qsettings_win.
Is <shlwapi.h> really necessary ? There is no
such header in the SDK.

Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
>>On Wednesday 22 September 2004 05:38, Thiago A. Corrêa wrote:
>>>Is something wrong with this patch?
>>>I've been waitting to see it in CVS but so far :(
>>I'm currently busy with other projects. It would be good, if someone else 
>>would have a cvs write access to prevent such situations. If someone is
>>please let me know. 
> If noone other wants to do this and the list has no demurs you can give me
> cvs access if you want.
> Christian

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