MAC line breaks - Now a real problem in Qt 3.3/Win32

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Fri Sep 17 23:29:51 CEST 2004

On Friday 17 September 2004 20:54, Andreas Hausladen wrote:
> QT3/Win32 - 3_3_BRANCH
> Because is supported now, it is more important to remove the MAC
> line breaks. does not want them and stops compiling the files and
> the Borland Compiler has a problem with the line continuations (backslash
> at the line end).
> Here an example (src/tools/qunicodetables_p.h)
> #define SCRIPT_FOR_CHAR( script, c ) \
>     script = (QFont::Script)scriptForChar( (c).unicode() )
> Due to the blank line, that is a result of the CRCRLF, the second line is
> not treated as a part of the marco. Instead it is processed as a normal
> C/C++ line which produces lots of errors (undefined identifiert 'QFont',
> ')' expected, ... ).
Hmmh, I'm using cygwin to check in and out sources (using unix line feeds) and 
have no problems, (I recently tried to compile this with I'm . 
wondering where this problems comes from, because regular cvs clients under 
windows would checkout this with LF or at least with cr/LF, but not with 
cr/cr/lf. How do you proceed checkout with this curios results ? 


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