KDiff3 with Qt3/Win32 basically works

Joachim Eibl joachim.eibl at gmx.de
Wed Sep 15 22:40:45 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 15 September 2004 22:11, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> What build system do you use to build kdiff?

I used the setup-qt-win-msvc-3.1.0-b1.exe + VC6.
KDiff3 comes with a kdiff3.pro-file which I ran through qmake.
After manually adding the qui.lib in the Makefile, I only had to change one 
more line in my program. (QFileInfo::isHidden() didn't exist yet in Qt 3.1)
Then nmake created the kdiff3.exe.

> Maybe we should create a page with "ported applications" in the near
> future :).

Yes, but without a fixed width font, editing the merge-result will not work 
correctly. (This is a KDiff3-bug that was never important enough to fix.)


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