KDE3 install fails at XFree86base when using Cygwin setup

Joe Moore squanto at knology.net
Wed Sep 8 13:45:35 CEST 2004

If I remember correctly XFree86base was left in as a compatibility
package the Cygwin/X project now uses the XOrg distribution. Try and use
those packages.  Personally, I just install the KDE packages from the SF
site. I get all others from another mirror..

Joe Moore
University of Alabama Huntsville

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Subject: KDE3 install fails at XFree86base when using Cygwin setup

When installing KDE3 base via Cygwin setup and adding the URL:
http://kde-cygwin.sourceforge.net/install in the installer, I
repeatedly get the message "Download Incomplete" with a failure at 0%
of the installation of XFree86base-4.30-11.tar.bz2.  See attached
image of the failure messages.  Any alternative sites or suggestions
would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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