[PATCH]src\kernel\qfontengine_win.cpp && src\kernel\qpainter_win.cpp

Bennix Xu bennixlili at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Oct 19 15:50:58 CEST 2004

Hello all,

in src\kernel\qfontengine_win.cpp
Line:449 int i
         should be changed to px; otherwize it will not pass complier for MS VC 6.0
change into

  for (int px=0;px<si->num_glyphs;px++)
            x += advances[px];
also in
for the same reason
Line 2884: int i
   should be changed into:
for (int px=0;px<npoints;px++) {
                points[px].x = pa[index+px].x ();
                points[px].y = pa[index+px].y ();

Best Regards,
Bennix Xu
FuDan University,Shanghai
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