Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at coffeelogic.de
Tue Oct 19 12:46:19 CEST 2004

Simon Rutishauser wrote:

>Just two hours after writing the first post I found the solution. It is 
>quite weird nevertheless. devmode->dmDeviceName has to be initialized or 
>the other settings in devmode won't be used.
>I do the initialization via
>   qt_strncpy(devmode->dmDeviceName, QString("").ucs2(), 32);
>because the other ways I tried to do this it did not work at all. Can 
>someone tell me how I can correctly initialize devmode->dmDeviceName 
>which is a WCHAR[32] or unsigned short [32] array without using this 
>ugly and stupid method?

Hello Simon,
you could try:

ZeroMemory(devmode->dmDeviceName, 32 * sizeof( TCHAR ) );
memset( evmode->dmDeviceName, 0, 32 * sizeof( TCHAR ) );

(TCHAR is controlled by the UNICODE macro)
But is it really more elegant?

Maybe you should use  the marco CCHDEVICENAME instead of  32,
because dmDeviceName is declared as (WinGDI.h):
...   dmDeviceName[CCHDEVICENAME];


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