Out of memory errors with link.exe

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Mon Oct 11 23:45:54 CEST 2004

> Link.exe keeps complaing it is out of memory and I can't link 
> Qt/Win32. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to 
> solve it? I have tried nmake clean and rebuilding to no avail.
> The output of link.exe is:
> Generating Code...
>         link /NOLOGO /DEBUG /BASE:0x39D00000 /DELAYLOAD:opengl32.dll
> WINDOWS /DLL /incremental:no /VERSION:3.33 
> /LIBPATH:"C:\msys\1.0\home\Chris\qt-3
> \lib" /OUT:C:\msys\1.0\home\Chris\qt-3\lib\qt-mt333.dll
> @C:\DOCUME~1\Chris\LOCAL
> S~1\Temp\nm1AE.tmp
> LINK : fatal error LNK1102: out of memory
> LINK : fatal error LNK1141: failure during build of exports 
> file NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'link' : return code '0x475' Stop.

Well it turns out it was complaing it was out of memory because... it was
out of memory. The new ATI Catalyst Control Center was taking up 1.8GB of
memory and I'd hit the limit of my paging file.


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