Status of: OpenGL module

Ole Jacob Hagen waterthrill at
Mon Nov 29 21:13:30 CET 2004


I have just commited my changes into the repository.
I have commited my changes into the QT_WIN32_3_3_BRANCH, and I hope it's 
the right branch....

I will implement the rest, shortly.

So check it out, I hope the header-file (qgl.h) is copied to 
include-folder during the configure, but if this is not done, we need to 
fix this.

Todos are:

1. Support of overlay planes.
2. Some code cleanups (The X11-specific code is not neccessary?) I will 
remove this code shortly, since they are not   
3. Cleaning up the wgl-contexts correctly when quiting a OpenGL program. 
Should not be hard.
4. Bug fixing.



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