Unable to complete download

José M. Álvarez alvarezp at lcc.uma.es
Fri Nov 19 10:22:49 CET 2004

> Downloading continues on until it reaches the following:
> xwinclip-1.2.0-1.tar.bz2

>    Then I get the message "Download Incomplete" Try Again.
> It never crossed this point, I tried many many times.
> Any help greatly appreciated.

> Regards

Hi all,

in Oct, 8, Joseph Rajkumar reported he had a problem when downloading kde-cygwin
from http://kde-cygwin.sourceforge.net/install/. He has no answers. I have been
suffering the same problem all the week. Does anybody know if it is a server
problem or if it is something related to my own network?


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