Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at
Fri Nov 12 02:10:30 CET 2004

Chris January wrote:
  > If we don't set it to the highest possible values then defines for features
> only present in later versions will not be included (since they will are
> guarded by #if WINVER>0x0500, etc. lines) and we will have to re-define them
> in qt_windows.h.
> What we actually want is the defines and structures but not the prototypes
> so we don't accidentally call non-Windows 95 functions but I can't see how
> we can get that. Functions only present in later versions should be loaded
> dynamically using GetProcAddress (and LoadLibrary for DLLs).

1. Finding the win95 problematic functions by compiling with
   _WIN32_WINDOWS=0x0400, WINVER=0x0400 and #if(WINVER >= 0x0500)

2. consequent using of QT_WA

3. avoiding calls of non-win95 functions with somthing like
    "if ( qWinVersion() != WV_95 && qWinVersion() != WV_NT ) "

4. Linkink with /DELAYLOAD:dllname

should do the job.
Any comments?


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