Peter Kuemmel kuemmel at
Wed Nov 10 16:07:29 CET 2004

Chris January wrote:
> I'd rather the same binary ran on all Windows platforms rather than
> providing separate binaries for different platforms. With the scheme you
> have suggested above I must compile one binary for Windows 95 with
> WINVER=0x0400 and another for Windows XP with WINVER=0x0501 to use WinXP
> features. IMHO, we should define WINVER and _WIN32_WINDOWS to the highest
> possible values, but then conditionally use the new features in later
> versions depending on the version of Windows we are running on.

O.K. "The same binary for all windows platforms" - that's an argument.
The #if(WINVER>=0x400) of my patch must be replaced to avoid crashes
under win95.

But, do we need the definitions of qt_windows with the highest possible
_WIN32_WINDOWS and WINVER values?


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