3_3 branch link problem with mingw

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Wed Nov 10 14:23:20 CET 2004

> Hi,
> thanks for your answer :)
> I tried the cbuilderx, but I got the 2 following problems :
> when running configure.bat, it looks for 'bmake' which does 
> not seem to exist in cbuilderx :/ so I just made a symlink of 
> bmake -> make in cbuilderx but then it locks up after :
> Creating makefiles ....
> a lot of .pro files ...
> and
> For d:\cygwin\home\mikmak\qt-3\examples\drawlines\drawlines.pro
> then it gets stuck here ...
> so maybe I am not using the correct 'make' for it :)
> That would be fine of you if you could send me the gdi32 
> files so I could try mingw again :)
> I don't know much of windows, I am just trying to compile 'yzis' on
> win32 using your port of Qt :)
> Thanks for your hard work guys :)

You need the latest update for CBuilderX available from Borland's website.
This will install GNU make as make.exe and Borland make as bmake.exe.
Qt/Win32 uses bmake at present.
I'd recommend using Borland because it's so much faster than MingW.


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