Ok to post user questions here?

James Bamford fromweb at jimtreats.com
Wed Jul 21 01:44:46 CEST 2004

Is it ok to post user questions here.. I've tried the forums but didn't  
register and i find mailing lists easier to track..

I'm having problems installing KDE-cygwin on a 2nd computer.. I already  
got it up and running a few months back on my main machine and have just  
recently got it working nicely and so was keen to move across to another  
machine with it..

The machine that i've attempted to install it on is switched off at the  
moment so i can get more detailed logs off it tomorrow..

My main problem is the same as described on this forum post


I also encountered this problem on install


and i know i have my logs on the other machine explaining what file caused  
this error though it does baffle me a little..

Anyway i just wanted to ask if its ok to ask about it here, if so i'll get  
more details and what not..

Great work everyone involved, that it worked so well on my main machine  
makes it all the more difficult to swallow not being able to use it on my  
new machine :)



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