QT3-win32 msvc support

Peter Kuemmel pi at coffeelogic.de
Wed Jul 7 00:00:30 CEST 2004

Correction to:
> I've got similary U1035 errors, also the "C:\Programme\qt-win-3.3.1..." 
> path in the error message.
> After a new install of cygwin with the option
> "Default text file type"  > DOS
> and with a new CVS checkout everything is fine.

that solves not the problem. Sorry.

The real problem is:
/configure_exe/Makefile.configure and /qmake/Makfile are useless if 
there is no qmake.exe before installation.

Thus "setup.patches", which corrects

/qmake/Makfile (paths and call of qmake)
/configure_exe/Makefile.configure (paths and call of qmake)
/configure.bat (generate configure.exe before calling it)

/src/qt.pro       ( for linking)

There is no qaccessible_win.cpp file in cvs!!!!


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