CYGQT-MT-3.DLL things

Victor Soto vsoto at
Sat Feb 21 18:58:06 CET 2004

I downloaded the KDE 3.1 from the http// intoa CYWING 
shell in a Windows Me.

I used the setup.exe program and the installation was from internet.

In the begining it didn´t work. I looked into the forum and I found that when 
QT3 package is selected for being installed it installs qt-3-gcc2 and qt-3-
gcc3. The first SHOULD NOT be installed because I uninstalled qt-3-gcc2 and 
reinstalled ONLY qt-3-gcc3 and it worked.
qt-3-gcc2 gives problems with CYGQT-MT-3-.DLL

Well more or less works.

Now KDE starts only with the line command "$startx &".
Takes around 5 min to start.

Many times while clicking on the KDE windows when closing or opening something 
a windows error appears with KNOTIFY and KCONSOLE like:

KNOTIFY produced an error in CYGQT-MT-3.DLL
Try to reinitiate the equipment.

Any way after closing this message the KDE stills works, slowly , but works.

So anybody knows what more is wrong with this CYGQT-MT-3.DLL?
(Now it is clear that only qt-3-gcc3 is needed but,..what more?)

Thanks in advance for the effort,

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