kmail maildir patches???

Holger Karl karl at
Sun Feb 8 11:18:40 CET 2004


I admit to being completely smitten with KDE on cygwin! Especially the fact 
that kmail can use maildir is almost enough to make me throw away outlook.

Why almost? Because I still can't sync with kmail on a linux box, as the 
maildir filenames  have ":" on linux and "." on windows (obviously, since : 
causes problems). 

Now: did you patch the kamil source code? would this patch be applicable to 
the standard  kmail as well? (Is there a chance to get the kamil-folks make 
the : <-> . thing configurable, so it is easy to decide which format to use - 
wrong people to ask here, I know).  Or did you do something else?

If that would work, lots of problems would go away for me!

Thanks and bundle and keep up the most impressive work!


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