"Thank You" to the kde-cygwin people, and a cygwinish question...

John Cholewa kde-cygwin at jc-news.com
Mon Aug 30 18:40:44 CEST 2004

I just wanted to quickly thank everybody on the team.  I've used KDE on 
Cygwin on an off for what feels like forever, and during this year I've 
had an X session running with KDE whenever my machine has been on.  
Right now, my machine has been running for thirty-days straight, and KDE 
has been operating for almost all of this time.  I've seen two or three 
freezes of the X session, but I think that they were inadvertently 
caused by the vwm (pager) in my Win2k window manager (LiteStep), and 
KDE's awesome session management changed those few potential problems 
into minor annoyances.

There is one problem I can report:  I simultaneously have an ionwm X 
session running at display 1:0 and the KDE X session running at display 
0:0.  When the clipboard is activated on the ionwm session, all is 
well.  When I use KDE with the clipboard integration, it causes some 
strange problems with Microsoft Excel.  Basically, if I copy something 
in Excel and KDE happens to be running with clipboard integration, then 
I cannot paste what I copied back into Excel (a series of cells, for 
instance).  Excel's 12-level (this is Office 2000) clipboard memory 
tells me that *two* clipboard items were created when I did the copy, 
the most recent of the two being an unidentified object.  Since this 
doesn't work when KDE is not running, I'm presuming that there's some 
problem caused by the clipboard integration and the way it prepares 
objects for KDE.  Anyway, this is not a critical problem, but I thought 
I'd mention it.

Last question (or two):  I'm familiar with KDE/Cygwin, and I'm familiar 
with CyGNOME, but are there other projects outside the main Cygwin 
repositories for Cygwin-compatible programs?  Obviously, I can compile a 
lot of stuff on my own (ionwm was such an example), but it can be a 
major pain sometimes (ionwm was such an example), and I'm prefer to find 
more binary repositories for third-party applications.  Also, is there 
any central listing of such repositories anywhere?

Thank you much.  :)


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