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Thiago A. Corrêa thiagoacorrea at
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Hmmm I found out that WinCVS has a TCL macro for that, thanks for the tip :)

I'm sending in the patch to Ralf.
May I send you the patch for the link_includes? I've done some "trivial"
changes, specially the removal of system("copy") call thing in favor of a
C++/Qt copy, this made it a lot faster, not to mention the "1 file copied"
message is now gone =)

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Thiago A. Corrêa schrieb:
| Hi,
|   I've done some minor changes in the configure.exe, the most
important one
| is that it was missing to add #define QT_NO_STL into qconfig.h, when stl
| support was disabled ( default ).
|   I also don't know how exactly to submit the changes ( windows developer
| here )
The best thing is when you sent a diff/patch file to Ralf Habacker (or
if you're unsure if it works for all, to the list).
For CVS I use TortoiseCVS which is directly integrated into explorer and
there you can make a patch with one mouseclick  - really simple :)
|   Hope this change makes into cvs. Next I think I'm going to start working
| on improving that link_includes code.
Today I've updated link_includes a little bit. It should slowly be
available in anonymous cvs (don't know how long this takes).
| Best regards,
|     Thiago A. Correa
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