Qt3/Win32: Missing function implemention

Andreas Hausladen Andreas.Hausladen at gmx.de
Mon Aug 16 23:22:46 CEST 2004

I found some methods and functions, that are not implemented but which are 
declared in a class.

Here a list:
void QApplication::winFocus( QWidget *widget, bool gotFocus )
void QApplication::winMouseButtonUp()
const char *qAppName()
const QRgb* QColor::palette( int* numEntries /*= 0*/ )
int QColor::setPaletteEntries( const QRgb* entries, int numEntries, int 
/*base /*= -1*/ )
uint QColor::realizePal( QWidget *widget )
QCursor::QCursor( HCURSOR handle )
int QEventLoop::activateSocketNotifiers()
int QEventLoop::timeToWait() const
bool QFileInfo::isHidden() const
const QGLContext* QGLWidget::overlayContext() const
const QGLColormap & QGLWidget::colormap() const
HDC QPixmap::multiCellHandle() const
HBITMAP QPixmap::multiCellBitmap() const
int QPixmap::multiCellOffset() const
int QPixmap::allocCell()
void QPixmap::freeCell( bool /*= FALSE*/ )
void QPrinter::readPdlg( void* )
void QPrinter::readPdlgA( void* )
void QPrinter::writeDevmode( HANDLE )
void QPrinter::writeDevmodeA( HANDLE )
void QPrinter::setMargins( uint top, uint left, uint bottom, uint right )
void QPrinter::margins( uint *top, uint *left, uint *bottom, uint *right ) 
short QPrinter::winPageSize() const
bool QSessionManager::allowsErrorInteraction()
void QSessionManager::release()

Maybe QT_NO_SESSIONMANAGER should be defined by default.

I cannot create a patch because then I have to redo all the changes I made 
for Borland C++ support. But as the functions do not exist either in the 
source a patch file would only have "+" lines.
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