QT3/Win32: Borland C++ Compiler support

Andreas Hausladen Andreas.Hausladen at gmx.de
Sun Aug 15 20:03:54 CEST 2004

> | BTW: The newest src/kernel/qt_kernel.pri breaks msvc and borland
> | compilation. The older (2004-08-07) works perfect.
> Courious because qt_kernel.pri is (imho) from Qt 3.3.2 XFree-Version and
> should work without any change...

qmake omits file like qrect.cpp and other important kernel .cpp files. 
Without these files the linker stops with lots of "unresolved symbol" 
messages. Maybe qmake has also changed and the new qt_kernel.pri does not 
work with the old qmake. I have not checked that.

> | While browsing through the files I found some files that were stored
> | with MAC line breaks. I have a Windows Tool that corrects this. You can
> | find it at the link above.
> This s because some Unix/Win32 I think. It should be fixed when such a
> file is changed in cvs I think. And win32-linebreaks should be the
> default !?

These files are a little bit hard to edit because of the additional line 
break. And I do not want to develop with notepad which ignores the first 

Some things I found while browsing thought the source files:

The qsignalslotimp.h has a header inclusion bug that is already fixed in Qt 
3.3.2. Someone at trolltech must have added a QAsciiDict<QConnectionList> 
dependency without adding the qasciidict.h to the include section. The bug 
does not occure when the qt.h is included. But the project for which I need 
the Qt3/Win32 does not include qt.h.
I don't know if this should be fixed because it touches an official Qt 
header but an update to Qt 3.3.2 or 3.3.3 fixes it anyway.

Why are the qPortDebug macros are in qglobal.h. qglobal is a offical Qt 
header. Why not use an extra header?
BTW: Borland C++ does takes every comma very strict. A qPortDebug(x) cannot 
be mis-used for qPortDebug(arg1, arg2). The msvc compiler seems to ignore it 
and gcc has it's own construct. I have splitted the qPortDebug macro into 
three macros. The 2 argument macro is qPortDebug, the macro with one 
argument is qPortDebug1 and the one with three is qPortDebug3.

Is it only the Qt Designer or do modal windows not work?


Andreas Hausladen 

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