KDE programs in Windows start menu

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Tue Apr 20 11:12:51 CEST 2004

> Sorry for the last post. I think I should provide how did I do.
> Maybe I have just done wrong?
> I downloaded the png2ico and extracted the executable into /bin
> It works fine. This is the command response when I execute it on
> cygwin console
> $ png2ico
> png2ico 2002-12-08  (c) Matthias S. Benkmann
> USAGE: png2ico icofile [--colors <num>] pngfile1 [pngfile2 ...]

You need to compile png2ico yourself as the binary on the website doesn't
recognise Cygwin paths. Just download the source code, type make in the
source directory and copy the resulting executable to /bin.

> Then I place the three files
> kde3.cmd
> kde3.sh
> kdeshortcut
> under my personal folder, /home/alvyn/kde_shortcut
> I executed kde3.sh and found nothing happened, then i executed
> kdeshortcuts
> and the error message came out... that's it.

Remember to edit kde3.cmd if your Cygwin installation isn't in D:\Cygwin.


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