LyX on cygwin with qt frontend

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Thu Apr 15 08:23:17 CEST 2004

On Monday 12 April 2004 09:16, Gharti wrote:
> <P>Dear all,</P>
> <P>While trying to compile LyX-1.3.4 I got the number of errors related to
> undefined references during make. Of course I tried various options that I
> know eg: including libraries -lqt-mt -lSM -lICE ....., including
> -Wl,-enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc and changing the libtool file, but problem
> seems unable to resolve with these treatments. I think I have all the
> libraries required to compile this eg: xform etc. I would be grateful for
> any suggestions on it. The error was:
> </P><PRE>TextCache.o(.ctors+0x0):TextCache.C: undefined reference to
> `__GLOBAL__I__ZN9TextCache7findFitEP6Bufferi'
> TextCache.o(.dtors+0x0):TextCache.C: undefined reference to
> `__GLOBAL__D__ZN9TextCache7findFitEP6Bufferi'
> mathed/.libs/libmathed.a(math_cursor.o)(.ctors+0x0):math_cursor.C:
This errors often are caused by missing libraries. UNIX/Linux ld allow to link 
dynamic, that means the symbols are unresolved at link time and resolved 
while running. Windows does not allow undefined symbols in dll's. 

You may search for the unresolved symbols in all *.a and *.dll.a files and add 
the missing library to the relating See the example below how to 
search for. Add this library to your at the end of the relating 
_LIBADD line.  

cd <lxyroot>
find -name '*.a' -print -exec sh -c "nm {} | grep 'TextCache7findFitEP6Buffer' 
" \;


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