Is there any way to know if my archives are complete?

Alvyn Liang sacch.liang at
Wed Apr 7 22:19:55 CEST 2004

Hi Ralf,

I installed the latest version of QT.

my cygcheck -srv shows

qt-1                    1.45-b1
qt-2                    2.3.1-b2
qt-3-gcc3               3.2.3-3
qtdevel-1               1.45-b1

When I opened folder '/opt/qt/3.2/mkspecs/' there is only one folder 'cygwin-g++' inside it. I think if the system is cygwin this
single folder is enough but qmake still report the problem. This is why I copied all the folders and files in
'/usr/local/qt/mkspecs' into it.

Later I found if I make a link 'default' to 'cygwin-g++/' inside the folder 'mkspecs' can resolve this problem.
But the 'make' information still remains error.

g++ -Wl,--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc -o t1 main.o   -L/opt/qt/3.2/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lqt -lXext -lX11
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/3.3.1/../../../../i686-pc-cygwin/bin/ld: cannot find -lqt
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [t1] Error 1

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On Wednesday 07 April 2004 21:05, Alvyn Liang wrote:
> As I tried to compile a basic program provided by Qt3 tutorial I found
> there is a file tree missing in Qt3.2

qt-3.0.5 is outdated. Please update to the latest qt release


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