Is there any way to know if my archives are complete?

Alvyn Liang sacch.liang at
Wed Apr 7 15:28:01 CEST 2004

Finally everything seems to be fine now.  KDE is working, and the QT designer is working.
This message is only a reference of success and a note for the problems unsolved.

I've donwload all the archives, including all the necessary packages of QTs and KDEs.
But during the last download process 'setup.exe' still complaint "download incomplete" to me. Then I looked into 'setup.log', to see
if there is anything wrong. Unfortunately nothing was found.

This is my sixth time of installations on this package, I decided to use the files in the directory to install over my old path.
I am wondering shall I install all the 3 versions of kde and qt? I think the answer should be no.
But, as long as my harddisk still having enough space I decided to install the whole thing.

In the last post with different topic I mentioned I've changed the original path name of 'cygwin' into 'cygwin_temp'. It was because
I don't want any disturbance that could happened in my old path. In any case bad things happened I could switch the path name and
return to my old configuration.

I also did some trick to test if the duplicated copy of cygwin can work the same as the original copy. The answer was yes. So I can
make several backup copies and work on the folder named 'cygwin'.

There is two things remain unclear... First, during installation there was a message said 'Cannot open (null) for reading. No such
Second, The installation process through the local disk reported 'installation incomplete' as before. But the result seems not to be
influence by this defect.

I will provide any information that might help solving this problem.


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