What happened to my KDE?

Jelks Cabaniss jelks at jelks.nu
Fri Apr 2 19:37:22 CEST 2004

Henri Girard wrote:
> > So I uninstalled *everything* KDE-related with the Cygwin
> > installer. Just to make sure I then even removed the paths
> > manually mentioned on the Cygwin KDE3 installation page.  I
> > then reinstalled and ran 'rebaseall -v'. 
> > 
> > It *still* does NOT work (though plain Xwindows with TWM --
> > startxwin.bat -- works fine).
> > 
> > Running 'startx -rootless &' (which is what I had been
> > running earlier) complained about a missing ~/.Xauthority,
> > so I 'touch'ed one.  Still no go ...

> Don't be surprised... It's often the case... I have the same
> problem... The only way to get back a working "stuff" is to
> reinstall completely cygwin... But sometimes I have to do it
> many times...

Uninstall and reinstall *all* of Cygwin even though the rest of it including
Xwin/TWM works fine -- just to get KDE to work again???


> Maybe somebody else has a better "help"?

Hope springs eternal. :)

Thanks, Henri.


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