QT3 help offer

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker at freenet.de
Tue Sep 30 20:34:24 CEST 2003

>Most of that problems have been corrected in my last
>patch that i send to Richard, but he doesn't commit
>it, but soon i will commit it with another cool
>Also i will publish some screenshots!!!
>We need the Wiki Page!!!!

I'm sorry, I currently very busy with real work, so I will see what I can do. I
have build a little image previewer for the qt3-win32 sub project. How it goes:

Every project member has access to the kde-cygwin website through the
kde-cygwin.sf.net ssh shell server, so that you can upload your images with an
index file (see below) into

How to upload images:

1. Create your images (prefered in png format) with full resolution (1024x768)
and a preview resolution (128x128 or better 256x256) and store it local.

2. Prepare an index file named "index.txt", which contains one line for each
image. See an example:

---------------------- index.txt -----------------------------<snip>
# title | big image (1024x768) | preview image (128x128 or 256x256)
QT-Designer | qt-designer.png | qt-designer-preview.png
QT-Assistent | qt-assistant.jpg | qt-assistant-preview.jpg

3. Upload this files to the sourceforge web server:

$ scp <my images> <my index file>

Thats all.

The qt3-win32 screenshot page (qt3-win32/screenshots.php) dir parses this index
file and build a table with preview images, which will be enlarged if clicked on
and vice versa.

A note: When updating the index file make sure, that you don't overwrite older
entries. After you have uploaded your images I will add the index file and the
images to the cvs server for archiving.


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