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   I'm a developer on a server GPLed software project, and we use Qt on it. In order to keep our win32 compatibility, I had to port all of the non-gui classes myself. I have some goodies working here that are not in this project's cvs, and I was looking forward contributing and merging our code bases. There is a small issue: Mine is qt 3.2.1, and I have already ported some QThread and the Thread Specific Storage code. Would it be possible for you guys to update to qt 3.2.1? I can help with it if you choose to update to 3.2.1

Here is what I have with my port:
 - QThread [ tested ] and Thread Specific Storage
 - QMutex, QWaitCondition. [ tested ]
 - QSocketDevice [ tested ]
 - Working on a build system, with some sort of configure.exe to generate .qmake.cache, qconfig.h, qmodules.h and qconfig.cpp It's primitive, but works... somewhat. Also have an Inno Setup .iss file that installs the package.
 - It's completely independent of cygwin.

Waiting for your reply

Best Regards,
     Thiago A. Corrêa

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