Can not start KDE Desktop (full)

Hosseinzadeh, Jafar Jafar.Hosseinzadeh at
Wed Sep 24 13:58:15 CEST 2003

Hi all,
I was using KDE full version successfully for the past week or so.
Until I needed to run compile a tool and realized that I did not install
make as package. it will be great to make a default (that is another
story).  So, I reinstall cygwin and this time I made sure to choose the
make package. The install went well and I was able to do the following:
start cygwin-->then startx which start TWM 
double click the Start KDE (minimal) and works fine, I can access make,
When I try to use Start KDE Desktop (full), I get the blue background
and the initialization screen and after initializing peripheral I am
only left a plain blue screen with nothing in it, no menu no icon....
Please help.  
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