[KDE 3.1.1] kded.exe incessantly browses thru filesystemwhenidling - high cpu usage for nothing

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker at freenet.de
Wed Sep 3 17:28:36 CEST 2003

Hi David,

> Just for interest I went browsing the KDE source. This seems to be done
> in the KDirWatch class declared here:
> http://lxr.kde.org/source//kdelibs/kio/kio/kdirwatch.h
> and defined here:
> http://lxr.kde.org/source//kdelibs/kio/kio/kdirwatch.cpp
thanks for pointing this out.

> The comments in the header explain how it works. Presumably since FAM

and DNOTIFY support

>is not available it does the polling option; there's meant to be a
> POLL_INTERVAL that defines how often to do that, so either this is not
> working or it needs to be increased

I haven't checked if something like DNOTIFY support is available in win32 and is
implemented in cygwin, so I can give oinly a workaround, which could be applied
by creating a file /opt/kde3/share/config/kdedrc or
$KDEHOME/kde3/share/config/kdedrc and adding some settings. General there are
two solutions:

1. Increase the polling interval (for example to 10 minutes)

$ cat /opt/kde3/share/config/kdedrc

2. Disable file checking

$ cat /opt/kde3/share/config/kdedrc

from http://lxr.kde.org/source//kdelibs/kded/README.kded

 42 CheckSycoca: This option can be used to disable checking for new software.
 43 ksycoca will still be build when kded starts up and when applications
 44 explicitly request for a rebuild of the ksycoca database. The user can
 45 also manually rebuild ksycoca by running the kbuildsycoca program.
 46 The default value of this option is "true". Checking can be disabled by
 47 setting this option to "false".

Hope that helps


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