[PATCH] QCursor improvements in Qt2-win32

Holger Schroeder holger-kde at holgis.net
Sat Jun 14 06:27:09 CEST 2003


it is great that also other people are interested in this ;-)
i originally started the port, but now i have a commercial qt license, so i 
can't work on this any more.
ralf habacker is the "master of the cvs accounts". i am sure he reads this, 
and if not, please contact him in private mail.

about the cursor stuff:

perhaps you take the time to have a short look over all the *_win* files to 
get an overview about what is still missing. perhaps the bitmap cursors don't 
work because the bitblt stuff is not finished yet. also the loading ans 
saving of images in QPixmap and/or QImage is mostly unimplemented yet, it 
should not be that hard though.

if you want to work on this for a longer time and have some bucks to spend, i 
would recommend you to buy the book "Programming Windows" from Charles 
Petzold. before i got that book, i couldn't really get a grip at the "windows 
way" of doing things. the book was quite helpful in explaining how things 
work (and why so many things don't work as expected, for some weird examples 
look at the message passing stuff ;-( ... )

happy hacking, Holger

On Saturday 14 June 2003 03:21, Richard Lärkäng wrote:
> Hi again!
> Now I also have implemented QWidget::raise and lower.
> Does anyone know if the qt2-win32 developers are still around?
> Otherwise it would be nice to get access to cvs.
> Richard Lärkäng
> > Hi!
> >
> > I am stuck with a windows computer at the moment,
> > so I wanted to do some improvements to Qt.
> >
> > This patch adds at least partial support of QCursor,
> > QWidget::setCursor(...) should work, at least for
> > those that I could figure out what the Windows
> > equivalents were. Don't know about overrideCursor,
> > as I'm not really sure how that works. And also
> > own bitmap-cursors doesn't work, as I have to
> > figure out how that works.
> >
> > Richard Lärkäng

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