Can not start KDE 3.1

Ken Roser kroser at
Fri Jun 13 02:00:15 CEST 2003

I've been trying to start KDE 3.1 with the startkde.bat file and it gets 
as far as starting services and then hangs with kconf_update consuming 
almost all of my free CPU time.  I've attached a log of the start up 
hoping someone can help diagnose the problem.  An error that repeats 
multiple times is:

Error reading from /home/KenRoser/.DCOPserver_dellgx1_127.0.0.1_0, 
didn't read the expected 56 bytes

Perhaps this is the root of the problem.  This happens on two different 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>rem @echo off


e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM KDE/Cygwin Desktop starter script 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM (c) 2003 Ralf Habacker 


e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM $Id:$ 


e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM check kdedir and set to default installation path 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>if exist e:\cygwin\opt\kde3 goto NO_SET_KDEDIR

Files\Perforce;g:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual 
Studio\Common\Tools\WinNT;g:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual 
Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin;g:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual 
Studio\Common\Tools;g:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>if NOT "e:\cygwin\home\KenRoser" == "" goto 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>if exist e:\cygwin\home\KenRoser goto NO_SET_KDEHOME

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>if exist e:\cygwin\home\KenRoser\.mcoprc goto 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>copy e:\cygwin\opt\kde3\home\.mcoprc 
        1 file(s) copied.

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>SET KDEHOME=/home/KenRoser/.kde31

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM set misc vars 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>SET DISPLAY=

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>SET SHELL=/bin/bash

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM clean previous X11 session 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>if not exist e:\cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0 goto CLEAN_END

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>attrib -s e:\cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>del e:\cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>if exist e:\cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix rmdir 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM start ipc-daemon 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>run bin\ipc-daemon

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM start x server 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>start XWin -noreset -ac -nowinkill 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM Set a background color.

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr -solid #396dad

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM start dcopserver (ksplash need this) 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>run dcopserver --nofork

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM start splashscreen


e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>REM Startup kde base services 

e:\cygwin\opt\kde3>kdeinit --no-dcop +kcminit +ksmserver
kdeinit: entering main
Creating link /home/KenRoser/.kde31/socket-dellgx1.
Created link from "/home/KenRoser/.kde31/socket-dellgx1" to 
_name=klauncher launcher=1 is_lib=0
Error reading from /home/KenRoser/.DCOPserver_dellgx1_127.0.0.1_0, 
didn't read the expected 56 bytes
kdeinit: Launched KLauncher, pid = 3140 result = 0
Error reading from /home/KenRoser/.DCOPserver_dellgx1_127.0.0.1_0, 
didn't read the expected 56 bytes
kdecore (KSocket): Trying to listen on Unix 
_name=kded launcher=0 is_lib=0
kdeinit: Launched KDED, pid = 984 result = 0
Error reading from /home/KenRoser/.DCOPserver_dellgx1_127.0.0.1_0, 
didn't read the expected 56 bytes
Creating link /home/KenRoser/.kde31/tmp-dellgx1.
Created link from "/home/KenRoser/.kde31/tmp-dellgx1" to "/tmp/kde-KenRoser"
kio (KDirWatch): Available methods: Stat
kded: Does not exist! (/home/KenRoser/.kde31/share/servicetypes/)
kio (KDirWatch): Added Dir /opt/kde3/share/servicetypes/ [KDirWatch-1]
kded: Does not exist! (/home/KenRoser/.kde31/share/mimelnk/)
kio (KDirWatch): Added Dir /opt/kde3/share/mimelnk/ [KDirWatch-1]
kded: Does not exist! (/home/KenRoser/.kde31/share/applnk/)
kio (KDirWatch): Added Dir /opt/kde3/share/applnk/ [KDirWatch-1]
kded: Does not exist! (/home/KenRoser/.kde31/share/services/)
kio (KDirWatch): Added Dir /opt/kde3/share/services/ [KDirWatch-1]
kio (KLauncher): KLauncher: Got kdeinit_exec_wait('kbuildsycoca', ...)
kdeinit: Got EXEC_NEW 'kbuildsycoca' from launcher.
_name=kbuildsycoca launcher=0 is_lib=0
Error reading from /home/KenRoser/.DCOPserver_dellgx1_127.0.0.1_0, 
didn't read the expected 56 bytes
kbuildsycoca running...
kbuildsycoca: Recreating ksycoca file (/tmp/kde-KenRoser/ksycoca, 
version 60)
kdeinit: PID 3696 terminated.
kio (KDirWatch): Added Dir /opt/kde3/share/apps/kconf_update [KDirWatch-2]
kdeinit: Got EXEC_NEW 'kconf_update' from launcher.
_name=kconf_update launcher=0 is_lib=0
File dummy, id favicons.upd:kde3
File kdeglobals, id kaccel.upd:kde3.1/r3
File kcmdisplayrc, id kcmdisplayrc.upd:kde3
File kcookiejarrc, id kcookiescfg.upd:kde2.2/b1
File kcookiejarrc, id kcookiescfg.upd:kde3.1/cvs

(It locks up at this point.  I've even waited 12 hours to see if it 

Here are the processes running at the time of lockup:
     3908       1    3908       3908  con 1003 00:37:31 /usr/bin/rxvt
     3924    3908    3924       3940    0 1003 00:37:32 /usr/bin/bash
     3284       1    3284       3284    ? 1003 00:41:52 
     3472       1    3472       3472    ? 1003 00:41:52 /opt/kde3/bin/XWin
     4060       1    4060       4060  con 1003 00:41:54 
I     980       1     980        980  con 1003 00:41:58 
     2808     980    2808       2808    ? 1003 00:41:59 
     2792       1    2808       2792    ? 1003 00:42:04 
I     984    2808    2808       2892    ? 1003 00:42:10 /opt/kde3/bin/kded
I    2820     984    2808       2820    ? 1003 00:42:13 /opt/kde3/bin/kded
     3572    2808    2808       3152    ? 1003 00:42:44 
      316    3924     316        240    0 1003 00:50:50 /usr/bin/ps

Here's my mount table:
e:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts on /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts type 
system (binmode)
e:\cygwin\opt\kde3 on /opt/kde3 type system (binmode)
e:\cygwin\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
e:\cygwin\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
e:\cygwin on / type system (textmode)
c: on /cygdrive/c type user (textmode,noumount)
d: on /cygdrive/d type user (textmode,noumount)
e: on /cygdrive/e type user (textmode,noumount)
g: on /cygdrive/g type user (textmode,noumount)
t: on /cygdrive/t type user (textmode,noumount)

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