Things getting better on QT3 Win32 Port!!!!!!!!!

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at
Mon Jul 28 17:53:40 CEST 2003

IVAN wrote:

>In last days i was working on QT3 Win32 Port and for
>now this is the things that i can say are working:
>1. Menus, corrected the size problem, deactivation of
>the parent.  Tear Off Menus also work!!!
>2. Initial work of bitmaps ..., widgets sample show
>animated GIF !!!!
>3. Paint issues getting better but even this area is
>the most problematic, there are problems with text
>redering, some text doesn't appear. Well you can see
>this in screenshots!!!
>Of all this i'm sending some screenshots to Richard so
>he can put in the home page for QT3 Win32.

Answered him off-list first as saw that mail before...

And as I wrote there, It's really nice work! The issue
with text not being drawn is more or less fixed here
locally, but I don't want to commit it, as it introduces
a big distance between every character being drawn.
I hope I can fix that soon...

I've put the new screenshots on the site now (menu,
menu_tearoff, widgets)


>Best Regards ...

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