Work on QT3 Win32 Port is going slow!!!

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at
Thu Jul 24 03:55:48 CEST 2003


> I want to tell you guys, that during week days (Monday
> to Friday) my work on QT3 Port will go slow because my
> job is time consuming, i'm telling this so you don'y
> think that i'm left the QT3 Port, but in the weekend
> i'll restart the work fulltime.

Ok, if you feel that you have something not so intrusive
that you're able to submit, feel free to do that ;-)

> Another thing is that i was started to work in bitmaps
> stuff ( from now i'm not achieved so much ), is
> another one is working on this, tell me, so i can go
> in to another stuff.

AFAIK I am the only one else working on it, and
right now I'm trying to get QPainter::drawText working
better (I get more text being drawed, but the text looks
really strange, so I don't want to commit it yet)

So working on bitmaps is very welcome, as it seems
quite troublesome, and I don't feel like diving in to
that right now.


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