Compile problems

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker at
Tue Jul 15 09:03:31 CEST 2003

> Hi,
> I am learning to code using QT, moving away from the Linux platform I am 
> used to, and using Windows instead. Since I still want access to an X 
> server, I have started using Cygwin, with the QT port which is available.
> However, I am having trouble getting the code to compile, or, more 
> acuratly, link.
> Any ideas? I would really appreciate the help!
> Here is the command and output :
> dave at laptop ~
> $ gcc -lqt -L /usr/local/lib/qt2/lib -I /usr/local/lib/qt2/include hello.cpp
QT is linked with g++-2, so you should use it. 

g++-2 -lqt -L /usr/local/lib/qt2/lib -I /usr/local/lib/qt2/include hello.cpp


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