QT3 Win32 Port!!!!!

IVAN DE JESUS DERAS TABORA ivan_deras at yahoo.es
Mon Jul 14 23:48:23 CEST 2003

I had saw your project, and i would like to help, i
don't have so much QT
programming experience, neither X programming
experience.  I had
programmed for Windows enviroments, Win32 API, MFC. 
The languajes i was
used are C/C++(Microsoft, Borland), Visual Basic,
Delphi, Java, basicly. 
I had downloaded the code from the CVS, but using a
tool called
TortoiseCVS and not using the cygwin environment, the
i don't have
internet connection fulltime in my home (is via Phone)
and for now i'd
download Cygwin in my jod but i need to carry it to my
house, well i solve
that.  Then for i have the Source but noy Cygwin
environment, i want to
know if it's posible to compile QT3-W32 using a
borland compiler o MS
compiler, what i need to do this???  I i want to start
testing something,
changing some code, where can i start, i was saw the
page but i don't
found a list of task, as before when you have the list
of clases that are
Another question how can i subscribe to the mailing

Best Regards!!!!

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