wonderfull kde setup :)

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at home.se
Mon Jul 7 18:52:17 CEST 2003

> Hello chaps :)
> A long time I didn't try kde-cygwin... I just reinstall it !
> The cygwin setup is "sensible"... I had to do it many times before being
able to run it... (it freezes and send microsoft > alarm about dirty
"errors" ?) on XP ...
> But the kde-installer is perfect !!!
> Has someone tried to compile ktouch ?  What have I to do to compile on
kde-cygwin different from kde linux ?
> thanks in anticipation 
> HG

First you need the kde-cygwin-devel package.

Also http://kde-cygwin.sourceforge.net/kde3/compiling.php is
probably helpful.

And if you get more problems, try to check the archives of this list
and if that doesn't help, you can always mail to this list ;-)

Good luck!

Richard Lärkäng

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