AW: Stopping my work on QT3-Win32

Dave Brondsema dave at
Sat Aug 23 20:28:20 CEST 2003

Quoting Ralf Habacker <Ralf.Habacker at>:
> Hi,
> > On Saturday 23 August 2003 07:55, Ivan Deras wrote:
> > > :-( Sad to hear that!!, but that you left the project to whom can i send
> > >
> > > and who will update the Web Page with screenshots, and the
> > > other stuff!!!
> Holger and I have spoken about a wiki page for easier updating.
> supports php in their websites, so it makes sense top use a php based
> wiki. Does anyone have got some experience with such a framework ?
> I have found one on, there may be
> some better usable, I don't know.
> Ralf

I've had some trouble running certain PHP programs on because they have 
an older version of PHP.  Something to keep in mind if you have problems.

I haven't used set up a PHP wiki before, but I think it would be a great idea.  
If you want to consider other wikis, has a 
big list.

Dave Brondsema
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