One stupid Question....

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Thu Aug 14 23:58:02 CEST 2003

Hi Gerad,

There are plans to build an all in one package (cygwin,xfree and kde). This
will happen some time after the KDE developer conference.


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  In fact the kde installer is perfect ... you just have to run it like
another windows application...

  But not the cygwin one... (I mean at the moment..)
  It was much better some years ago... I don't know if it's because xp 's
shit !!


  Ralf Habacker <Ralf.Habacker at> wrote:

    > I'm not a programmer, and I have run a couple of versions of Linux, I
    > get it.
    > I understand the idea of using a Win32 base to run the KDE desktop on.
    > Honestly, having Open Source (or even a 2nd retail vendor)
replacements for
    > every component of Windows is a great idea. What I don't get is why
you have
    > to install all these Linux Libraries (from a tarball, of all things)
    > unless this project is just getting started.
    > If the goal is to get the Windoze crowd to use the KDE desktop instead
    > Uncle Bills Browser Interface, then you have to make this a lot more
    > accessible to us average Joes. Zips and One-Click Installs, not
tarballs and
    > library installs.

    this is exactly the way we tried with the kde3 setup.exe installer.


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