compile problem: cannot find -lqui

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Sun Aug 10 19:59:29 CEST 2003

Hi Girad,

in short it will be possible to compile ktouch with the gentoo build system
with a simple "emerge ktouch".

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  Hi :)
  guys does someone knows the status of ktouch ?
  I didn't succees compiling it... Can't find gcc is the message error !!
  kind regards
  Ralf Habacker <Ralf.Habacker at> wrote:
    Try topic 8 from

    Due to an internal qmake problem, which wasn't fixed in the recent
release, the
    linking process may fail with an error like "cannot find -lqui" . You
can fix
    this problem with the following hack:
    cd lib
    ln -fs ../bin/cygqui-1.dll libqui.dll
    cd ..

    > Hello
    > i try to compile as said in:
    > but i get cannot find -lqui
    > see the png in attachement for further information
    > (sorry i can't copy/paste the result from a dos
    > window...)
    > thanks
    > enzo
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