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From: Juan Linietsky <coding at reduz.com.ar>
Date: Thursday, August 7, 2003 9:40 am
Subject: Qt3-Win32

> Hi! I wish to know what is missing from Qt-Win32 native port. I am 
> willing to 
> port a few GPL apps to windows, which dont need the extra 
> functionality such 
For now Richard and I are the most active developer in the PORT 
(correct me if i wrong), things that need some work are: painting 
problems, i was working on this but i was not send a patch of this. 
There are some problems with text drawing, but Richard is working on 
this, and probably he solved that, but i don't know.  Bitmaps required 
work, but for know there are only support for 24 bits bitmaps (see 
screenshots at QT3 Win32 port site). And another thing that need work 
is an issue that on Windows all drawing functions doesn't paint the end-
point and for that some drawing look weird!!!

> as printing, threads, audio, etc. but simply use the common 
> widgets+scrollviews+basic painter operations (plotting 
> fonts/lines/dots) and 
> (optionally) drawing into a pixmap and later blitting. If some of 
> the 
> functionality regading this kind of things is missing, I would be 
> willing to 
> help to implement it. Also I would be willing to try out the 

That would be great, we need help !!!

> current status 
> of Qt-Win32 to check myself how everything works. Where do I find
> the latest (CVS) versions of such?

I recommend you that wait a little for my update, and then download it 
from the CVS and test!!!

> Thanks in advance
> Juan Linietsky
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