Problem making patch!!!

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at
Thu Aug 7 22:34:39 CEST 2003

IVAN wrote:

>I was tried to make a patch for the changes i was made
>for wt3 win32 port, for this i did the following:
>cvs login 
>Enter to qt-src-dir/kernel and exec the following
>cvs diff *_win.cpp > patch.diff
>I put '*_win.cpp' because that's the only files i was
>modified (not all, of course), but the resulting patch
>is very big about 1MB, that's doesn't make sense
>because there are so much changes!!! And then i was
>opened the resulting patch.diff file, and surprise:
>All the lines apllication_win.cpp from the server
>appear with '<' , and all the lines from my local
>application_win.cpp appear with '>', this look like if
>all the had changed but that's not true!!!
>And then did i make something bad??? Missing some flag!!!
Hmm, does it make a difference if you do a cvs up before?

cvs diff -ub > patch.diff
Should be what you want btw,
-b makes it ignore whitespace changes (could that be it?)
-u makes the patch much more readable
And as you haven't changed any other files you don't need
*_win.cpp (I guess it could be a little bit faster, bit I don't
think it matters)


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