Dcop startup error

Donald MacVicar kde-cygwin@mail.kde.org
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 07:15:37 +0100

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Looks like your home directory does not exist, or your passwd file is 
wrong. $HOME would be / only if the real directory as specified in 
/etc/passwd does not exist.


Pam Maloney wrote:

>I too am seeing the same issue. Cygwin/XFree86 is working and I did the 
>Manual install of kde-cygwin by unpacking all of the tarballs from
>I am on XP Pro, have not done the rebind and have followed instructions
>>From http://kde-cygwin.sourceforge.net/kde2/faq.php#D3.1.
>I am hoping this is something simple that I am missing such as an
>Variable or missing library.
>Any help is greatly appreciated.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------